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Double Sided Planting Bar (CPB)
Double Sided Planting Bar (CPB)

Double Sided Planting Bar (CPB)

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Heavy duty Double-Sided planting bar for 12'' cuttings.

5/8" & 3/8'' Stainless Steel probe for Small and Large cuttings.

1" diameter x 3/16" wall steel main body and handle.

52" overall length.

2- 9" handles.

9.5 lbs

This dibble bar allows you to plant a wide variety of cutting sizes. The double sided bar allows you switch between a 5/8'' and 3/8'' diameter rod to create the perfect pilot hole for your new 12'' Cuttings.

The weight of this bar makes it easy to create a hole to place the cutting into.  Simply "tamp" it into the ground, more than once if necessary.

Even in the toughest soils, our dibble bar effortlessly pushes through the dirt to create your perfect planting hole.

Professionally manufactured in the WI.


Insert the probe on the Planting Dibble Bar to desired depth in the soil.

Place the cutting in the hole.

Use your foot or hand to close/firm the soil around the cutting and any left over holes.

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