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Terms & Conditions

Service Guarantee:
We guarantee to do everything we can to provide top quality service. We aren't perfect and occasionally make a mistake. Wrong item in the box, a typo on the website, anything is possible. But we promise to make it right. If you have an issue with an order, please use the contact us page to let us help. We will do our best to fix any issue you have as fast as possible.  Simply put, we aren't happy if you aren't happy.

Product Guarantee:
You can expect 5-10% mortality when planting cuttings, it's just a reality of the process. Lack of moisture, deer browse, excessive weed competition, and lack of sunlight can increase mortality rates significantly.

If you experience a very high rate of loss, something went wrong with the planting or establishment process. We have planted 1000's of the products carried here, they are high quality and reliable. We will not replace an order that experienced a very high rate of mortality without discussing the circumstances. If you experienced a mass failure, something went wrong. Contact us so we can discuss it with you.

Sales Disclaimer:
Seller hereby disclaims any warranties, express or implied, in reference to the sale of the live plant material being sold to the Buyer except as may be expressly included in any sales agreement accepted order or listed here; such disclaimers are as follows:

Seller does not warrant that the live plant material will grow into healthy plants, in as much as the success or failure of growth depends on the planting and subsequent care by Buyer.

In the event Buyer should seek to recover damages for any breach of contract or alleged warranty, Seller's liability shall be limited to replacement which are not guaranteed to be true to variety.