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Jake Kits

In 2013 our son Jacob took it upon himself to start selling "Tree Kits" in the store.

"Jake" does all of the work required to ship these kits. He processes the cuttings, bags the soilless mix, boxes everything up and puts the shipping label on the box when you order it.

All profits go to Jake so he can buy all of those important things an 10 year old needs; Snowboards, cameras, tree stands, etc. 

The important thing is Jake is learning how finance and business works (and having fun doing it!). We did all of the math together to arrive at a profitable price based on the items required to put the kits together.. Talked about packaging, shipping etc.

These kits are not only a good way to grow small cuttings into big trees, they are a great project to do with kids (and grand kids). The simple instructions are easy to follow, and it only takes a week or two for the trees to start growing and show progress.