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Hybrid Willow - 6 foot
Hybrid Willow - 6 foot

Hybrid Willow - 6 foot

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Hybrid Willow (Austree) is a great choice when you are in need of a mature tree quickly. They grow into a beautiful shade tree or you can plant them in rows to create a visual border.

They are extremely fast growing, adaptable to many planting sites, and hardy in the lower 48.

One advantage of hybrid willows is they hold their leaves longer than most other deciduous trees. If you plant them as a screen, they will last well into fall. Consider putting a row or two of them next to your newly planted evergreens. They will create the screen in a season or two, while the evergreens take their time getting big enough.

This is the same item as our 12" cutting but is a whopping 6 feet long!  Use these longer cuttings to get a head start on a mature tree.  Our 6' cutting will be out of deers reach in just a few weeks of growth.

These longer cuttings should be planted 12" to 18" deep.

72" unrooted cutting

Common Name:
Hybrid Willow

Scientific name: Salix matsudana x alba

USDA Hardiness Zone: 2 - 9

Height: 70 feet

Width: 30 feet

Anaerobic Tolerance: High 

Recommended mulch material: Black plastic or woven fabric.

Rooting hormone: None

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