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Dappled Willow - 24"
Dappled Willow - 24'

Dappled Willow - 24"

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We call this one the "Deer Lilac" because of its utility and growth habit.  Dappled willow is the ideal size for screens that can't be too tall.  Its mature shape has thick layers of branches all the way to the ground.  A vigorous grower. Planting under a power line?  This one won't get too tall.  And if the utility company mows it down, it will be back next year even better. 

Also useful for outside rows in hybrid screens.  Can be planted down the edge of ground cover to get additional screening.

An added benefit of Dappled Willow is that it holds it's leaves WELL into fall.  In the fall of 2016 our dappled willows still had leaves during gun season!  (The week of Thanksgiving here in Wisconsin).  It doesn't hold them all winter like some oaks, but it holds them late enough to make screens effective for almost all of our hunting season.

These extra long cuttings are slightly smaller in diameter than our standard 12" cutting, but because of their increased length they can be planted much deeper.  Ideal for dry conditions or other challenging sites.  They should be planted a minimum of 12" deep (preferably deeper) to realize the benefit of these longer cuttings.  Use our 24" long drill bit or similar tool to plant them.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-8 

Height: Up to 15 feet

Anaerobic Tolerance: High

Size: 24 inch cutting

Recommended rooting hormone: None

Recommended mulch material: Black plastic or woven fabric.

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