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Silky Willow (NRCS) - 12"
The only willow we've ever seen that the deer won't eat!

Silky Willow (NRCS) - 12"

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#1 Shrub for Screening

An erect multi-branched native shrub.  Used for bedding cover, screens and stream bank stabilization.

Silky Willow has (2) traits no other willow we've ever found has:

  • Unlike the 40+ other willows we've tested the Silky Willow is very deer browse tolerant.  And because of its multi-stemmed growth habit, it isn't a favorite for rubbing either.
  • Leaves hold even slightly longer than Dappled Willow see the pictures for proof.

Riverbend Germplasm - Silky Willow is a NRCS release to provide a known native willow to land managers.

Additional information may be found here:

NRCS Silky Willow

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3-7

Height: Up to 12 feet

Anaerobic Tolerance: High

Size: 12 inch cutting

Also Known As: StreamCo Willow, Stream Co Willow, Streamco

Recommended rooting hormone: None

Recommended ground cover: woven fabric.

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