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Hybrid Poplar OP-367 - 24"

Hybrid Poplar OP-367 - 24"

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Our favorite hybrid poplar clone. The workhorse of clones. Fast growing, columnar shaped male hybrid. Grows up to 12 feet per year in good growing conditions and climate. Leaves turn yellow in the fall.

If you can only choose one hybrid poplar, OP-367 gets our highest recommendation.  They grow from Mexico to Canada, and are a long lived beautiful tree.  You won't be disappointed.

These extra long cuttings are slightly smaller in diameter than our standard 12" cutting, but because of their increased length they can be planted much deeper.  Ideal for dry conditions or other challenging sites.  They should be planted a minimum of 12" deep (preferably deeper) to realize the benefit of these longer cuttings.  Use our 24" long drill bit or similar tool to plant them.

Hybrid Poplar Clone: OP-367

Size: 24" unrooted cutting

Specialty: Versatility & adaptability to most sites & climates.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

Height: 100 feet

Width: 40 feet

Anaerobic Tolerance: High

Recommended mulch material: Black plastic or woven fabric.

Rooting hormone: None

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