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Hybrid Poplar Bucky - 12"

Hybrid Poplar Bucky - 12"

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A cold hardy disease resistant variety. A top ranked clone for use in the midwest states.

Bucky's growing habit is unique in that it has a tendency to have multiple stems and branches rather than a single, tall stem. This makes Bucky a good choice when creating thick, tangled screens or cover.

Vertical growth of Bucky is approximately 1/2 that of other clones, as it gets "wide" first, then tall. 

Hybrid Poplar Clone: Bucky

Size: 12" unrooted cutting

Specialty: Lateral branching

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

Height: 80 feet

Width: varies

Anaerobic Tolerance: High

Recommended mulch material: Black plastic or woven fabric.

Rooting hormone: None

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