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Salix fragilis 'Bullata' #2

Salix fragilis 'Bullata' #2

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Part Number:WC-2-12-inch

Zone: 4-9

Height: 10 - 15 feet

Size: 12 inch cutting

Also know as: Crack Willow.

A large shrub or small tree with vigorous growth. Yellow-green new growth. Dark green leaves with large showy catkins on bare stems.Plant in full sun to partial shade. Does best on moist fertile soil. Can tolerate poor soils.

Many Salix fragilis are over bearing and invasive. The Bullata is much more compact and more suited for use in a landscape. Its bold stem color and thin leaves make it a great companion plant with other baskey-type willows.

Recommended landscape use: Hedgerow.Shape: Allow to grow to it's natural form, coppice, or pollard.

Rooting hormone: Hormodin 1

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