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Rootbuilder II 1 Gallon with Root Directing Bottom

Rootbuilder II 1 Gallon with Root Directing Bottom

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Part Number:RM-RBII-1-Gallon

Size: 6" Diameter 6.5" Tall.

Many growers shift to 1 gallon RootMakers, generally in May, June, or early July, then allow these seedlings to grow in this container until fall planting in the field or the next shift.

We recommend the 1 gallon container for "Step 2" in a nursery growing system. Move plants started in propagation containers to the 1 gallon RootBuilder II container to give them more room to continue to grow in a nursery setting.

These containers are easily assembled around a root directing bottom disk. A hole is at the tip of each outwardly projecting funnel on the side wall of these containers. Roots are directed outward toward these holes, forcing them to branch and continuing the air root-pruning process.  This innovation greatly assists handling and creates an unparalleled fibrous root system.

RootMaker propagation containers can be filled with a custom mix of peat and perlite 40/60 or peat, perlite, and vermiculite 40/40/20, or pine bark, peat, and perlite at 50/30/20 by volume. Add 1.0 pound of Micromax micronutrients, 3 pounds of dolomite, and 6 pounds of Osmocote 18-6-12 (no substitutes) per cubic yard of mix.  Or with a high quality pre-made mix like Promix BX or Miracle Grow.

The RootBuilder II 1 Gallon is easily taken apart for plant removal and re-use for another growing season.

Shipped flat, hardware included for assembly. 

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