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RootTrapper FCR8 Fabric 8" Bag

RootTrapper FCR8 Fabric 8" Bag

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Approximate size:12" tall x 8" diameter. (Approximately 2 gallons)

The RootTrapper provides the mobility of remaining above ground. This is a black, spun-bonded fabric which has been laminated with a white coating. This unique container stops circling roots and continues to stimulate root branching by trapping root tips.

The white outer coating greatly reduces container temperature so roots do not die on the sunny side as with black plastic containers. Water usage is also reduced as there are no large drain holes or evaporative sides; water seeps out the hundreds of holes created by the base stitching. When ready to harvest, slit down the sides with a utility knife, peel off container, and marvel at the root system. We have been able to use heavy duty staples to rejoin the side wall together and reuse RootTrappers for another season or two, at a slightly reduced diameter.

We recommend the 8" bag for all cuttings. If you want to grow cuttings in a nursery setting rather than planting them out in the wild, RootTrappers are the ideal container to get started.

RootMaker propagation containers can be filled with a custom mix of peat and perlite 40/60 or peat, perlite, and vermiculite 40/40/20, or pine bark, peat, and perlite at 50/30/20 by volume. Add 1.0 pound of Micromax micro nutrients, 3 pounds of dolomite, and 6 pounds of Osmocote 18-6-12 (no substitutes) per cubic yard of mix.  Or with a high quality pre-made mix like Promix BX or Miracle Grow.

You will simply be amazed at the rootball when you remove your plants from these containers.

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