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RootMaker FC5 Mesh 5" In-Ground Container

RootMaker FC5 Mesh 5" In-Ground Container

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Part Number:RM-RT-5INCH-MESH

Approximate size:12" tall x 5" diameter

Dig or auger a hole slightly larger than the bag. The container is then set in the hole and held open with a plastic expandable sleeve. Fill container with same field soil. At least one inch of the Knit Fabric container should remain above soil line to prevent roots escaping over the top. The system works better when care is taken to keep the sides of the fabric container straight when packing the back filled soil.

With the Knit Fabric container, small roots extend through the fabric but are unable to expand, causing a constriction which leads to root branching and an accumulation of energy. Water management is less complicated in the field and the root system is protected from temperature extremes.

When a tree in the Knit Fabric container is harvested, the fabric is removed and, once planted, is provided the benefit of having a great majority of the root system not only intact, but well branched and equipped to establish into the surrounding soil horizontally rather than just downward.

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