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RootMaker 105 Cell Tray

RootMaker 105 Cell Tray

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The first step toward creating a fibrous root system is RootMaker propagation containers. The 105 cell tray is 1.6 cu. in. (1" x 1" x 2") per cell.

Use the 105 cell tray to start seeds. The air root pruning action of this container will assure more substantial root development in the early stages, increasing both plant health and growth when you move it into the field or to a larger container. You should consider using the 105 cell tray for germinating seeds, for movement to 18, 32 or 60 cell trays for further development.

RootMakers require a wire bench or other support 18 to 24" above the floor to allow good air circulation and thus efficient air-root-pruning on all sides of the container, not just the bottom.

We recommend purchasing the RootMaker Lightweight Flat 10" x 20" to hold the tray.

RootMaker propagation containers can be filled with a custom mix of peat and perlite 40/60 or peat, perlite, and vermiculite 40/40/20, or pine bark, peat, and perlite at 50/30/20 by volume. Add 1.0 pound of Micromax micro nutrients, 3 pounds of dolomite, and 6 pounds of Osmocote 18-6-12 (no substitutes) per cubic yard of mix.  Or with a high quality pre-made mix like Promix BX or Miracle Grow.

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