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RootMaker 1 Gallon Round Container (Case)

RootMaker 1 Gallon Round Container (Case)

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Part Number:RM-1GAL-RND-CASE

This item is for a CASE QUANTITY OF 72 PIECES.

Size: 6.5" Diameter 7.5" Tall

Many growers shift to 1 gallon RootMakers, generally in May, June, or early July, then allow these seedlings to grow in this container until fall planting in the field or the next shift. All 1 gallon models have many openings designed to continue the air-root pruning process.

We recommend the 1 gallon round container for "Step 2" in a nursery growing system. Move plants started in propagation containers to the 1 gallon round container to give them more room to continue to grow in a nursery setting.

RootMaker propagation containers can be filled with a custom mix of peat and perlite 40/60 or peat, perlite, and vermiculite 40/40/20, or pine bark, peat, and perlite at 50/30/20 by volume. Add 1.0 pound of Micromax micro nutrients, 3 pounds of dolomite, and 6 pounds of Osmocote 18-6-12 (no substitutes) per cubic yard of mix.  Or with a high quality pre-made mix like Promix BX or Miracle Grow.

The 1 gallon RootMaker is easily re-used for multiple growing season.

You will simply be amazed at the rootball when you remove your plants from these containers.

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