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Hormodin 3 Rooting Hormone

Hormodin 3 Rooting Hormone

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Part Number:HORM-3-1OZ
Size: 1 ounce

Hormodin #3 contains 0.8% IBA (indole-3 butyric acid), a rooting hormone, used to improve root formation on cuttings during plant propagation.

Use Hormodin #3 according to manufacturers recommendations. Hormodin #3 can only be used on some varieties.  You should use #3 if it is approved on the species you are rooting as some cuttings are more difficult to root.

Contains 0.8% Indole-3 butyric Acid; 99.2% Other.

Enough hormone for approximately 150 cuttings.

Not sure which Hormodin you need? Click Here for a detailed pdf.

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