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We are your online source for hardwood cuttings, propagation containers, ground covers and related tools & accessories.

Our hardwood cuttings are used for habitat improvement, landscapes, living structures and screens.

Cuttings are available for purchase from January 1st through June 1st while supplies last. Cuttings orders are scheduled for spring delivery based on your USDA planting zone.  All other products are available for purchase year round, and are carefully and promptly packaged and shipped within 24 hours whenever possible. 

Shop with confidence, our service guarantee assures a successful purchase. 

Featured Products

6 foot diameter x 4-5 foot tall dome
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7 In Stock
7' - 8' Willow Whips
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40 In Stock
8 foot diameter x 4-5 foot tall dome
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4 In Stock
Hormodin 1 Rooting Hormone
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20 In Stock
Hybrid Poplar DN-34 - 12
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2250 In Stock
Hybrid Willow - 6 foot
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242 In Stock
RootMaker Express 18 propagation container
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79 In Stock
Salix fragilis 'Belgium Red' #41
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340 In Stock
Salix purpurea 'Green Dicks' #34
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440 In Stock
Salix triandra 'Black Maul' #5
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150 In Stock
Salix triandra 'Noir de Villane' #3
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170 In Stock
X-cell Fabric 4 feet wide x 300 feet long
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30 In Stock